Indonesia’s First Sustainable and Inclusive Spice Producer
Through our sustainable and inclusive business, we bring the best Indonesian spices directly from our farmers to the global market, while creating a better living for our farmers.
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The Only Global Vanilla Supplier
in the Heart of Indonesia’s Vanilla Plantation
Treating fresh harvest directly is very crucial in vanilla beans production, that's why we built the factory in North Sulawesi

Hectares of Vanilla Farms
Focused Vanilla Plants
Focused Vanilla Farmer Communities
Sourcing Islands

We combine our centuries-old heritage with sustainable practices to bring high quality Indonesian spices to the world.
Farm Level
We treat vanilla farmers as our clients and put them in our extended value network. We Promote capacity development of vanilla farmers through sustainable farming practice training, which can increase farmers income
Production Level
We use a solar dryer dome, which can trap heat from the sun for around two times longer than ambient conditions and minimize oven use. This method also reduces the curing process time by 30% while preserving the precious vanillin inside the beans.
Trading Level
Promoting sustainable trading practices creates the most efficient supply chain possible without exploiting anyone in the ecosystem. Direct trade with farmers creates an efficient and healthier supply chain, where we can improve our farmers' welfare. From our customers' point of view, having us as their suppliers means they can have the stable quantity, traceability, extremely competitive price, and trusted quality which can give them peace of mind.
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Products and Services
From Industrial scale to household kitchen, we try to cater all your needs related with our precious vanilla and other spices
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The Future
demands us to act today!
Our Global Spice Supply is at RISK. Experts predict that we will need to increase our food production by 70% by the year 2050. We will have a SERIOUS global spice emergency by 2050. Without concrete action, we may face spices scarcity in the future.

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